Buy you a drink//Remy&Open

"Compliments of your friend over there," Remy sets the glass in front them, and leans in. "Be careful with this one, I wouldn’t go over there to talk to your new friend. Seems a little shady, he wanted to give you a different drink, but I told him I couldn’t serve it to you."

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Paige beamed at the compliment. “Nice to  meet you too, mister. How come you’re on the docks today?”


"I’m always on the docks. I have to check on my ship..well, more like a boat, but you always call them ships." Remy smiled. "There’s your sailing lesson for the day."

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Dog Walking//Remy& Nikki



"I’d have to learn myself first and I feel like only one of us should have to." Nikki’s grinned at his words and tossed her hair over her shoulders, "So, basically, this has gone from me making breakfast, to me buying breakfast, to you buying breakfast while I stay in bed? Sounds pretty good to me." She pulled out her phone and glanced at the time before making a face and looking down at Sausage, "Do you guys want to walk me to work?" 


"Whoa whoa, who said that it’s going to be me? I think that I’ll win." Remy stroked his beard. "I’m a very friendly guy and I make good tips." He laughed, Nik would win. Remy lifted Sausage up and rubbed his nose against the dog’s. "What do you think buddy? Should we walk this beautiful woman to work?" Sausage wagged his tail in agreement and licked Remy’s nose. "Sausage says yes. So I do."

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"It’s fine, it hasn’t gotten old yet" she smiled a small smile. "Yes, of course, that sounds nice. If you’ll come with me I can help you better"


"Thank you for you help." Remy followed Mira around the shop. "I have absolutely no idea what I’m doing. I’m just a lost husband trying to do something nice.." He scratched his beard, feeling a little less then awkward.

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Dog Walking//Remy&Selina



   ”Ah shoulda guessed that to be honest. I prefer Remy anyway.”  She didn’t really like the name Jeremy to be honest, and Rem sounded like that character from Death Note. 


   ”Wow, you’re intuitive, actually is my real name.. I like it actually..  even if it sounds weird. My mother picked it out.” She stated.

"Most people do." He nodded his head. Remy sounded more like a sailor’s name then Jeremy. "Remy Moor has a nicer ring to it then Jeremy Moor. Don’t you think?"

"It’s a very nice name. I wouldn’t change it if it were mine."

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Dog Walking//Remy& Nikki



"I think that you can just not tickle me. It’s all about controlling urges. Learn to control yours." She told him while grinning and running her tongue over her lips. Her eyes followed the dog’s tongue as it licked her husband’s fingers before she started to talk again. "Maybe I’ll just make myself breakfast and I’ll crawl back into bed and eat it in front of you." The woman teased while blowing her bangs out of her eyes. "I just got an even better idea, if I get a fair amount of tips tonight I can run to the bakery in the morning and just get breakfast that way." 


"You’ll have to teach me how to do that." He smiled. Nik was so cute when she played with her bangs. He loved that. "Breakfast in bed with some pastries and coffee sounds amazing. Save you’re tips. We can use mine." Remy raised his eyebrows, and his eyes twinkled, he had an idea. "Let’s make this a game. Whoever makes the most tips tonight gets to stay in bed, loser has to get up and buy breakfast in the morning."

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Aaron Paul spotted out for lunch at Pinches Tacos in West Hollywood, California on October 6, 2014.
Aaron Paul spotted out for lunch at Pinches Tacos in West Hollywood, California on October 6, 2014.
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Dog Walking//Remy&Selina



  “That’s so cute.” She grinned at him while stroking the dog’s soft fur. He was really adorable Silena would kill for a dog like that but wasn’t sure if her Dad would like it, he wasn’t too fond of any animal. 


      “Nice to meet you too Remy, I’m Silena, Hey Remy’s an unusual name is it your real one?” 

"Silena, very nice to meet you." He smiled. "Wow, good catch. No, my real name is Jeremy, but I never really liked that, Jeremy sounded to serious to me, so I asked my parents to call me Remy when eight." 

"I’m going to go out on a limb here and saw that Silena is your real name."

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Different and Maybe Better


Emma was done. Done with the whole damn thing. She was bombarded at work with hateful glances from Sinclair and awkward looks Graham thanks to the conversation she had overheard the two having a week prior. At home she wasn’t sure how to feel. It was nice to have a friend like Mary Margaret, but it was also a huge transition to change from living alone to having a full time roommate. Then there was Henry, and with him came complications, particularly one name Regina Mills.
Emma sat on a bench across the street from the school idly sipping a cup of coffee from Granny’s. She had needed a few moments to herself and had randomly wandered to the bench without any real plan to be there. She grinned as she saw Henry come out the doors talking with a little girl, Grace she knew from meeting the girl a few weeks prior. The kids face was animated as he talked. Clearly, he was excited about whatever subject they were discussing.

Taking another sip of her coffee she shook her head in amazement at how much her life had changed, she had changed, and it was all thanks to Henry. She had never thought she could be a mom, and truth be told she still wasn’t sure she could be, but she was going to make damn sure he was happy one way or another.

As she sipped some more of her beverage she was vaguely aware of another person approaching. Glancing up she met the new comers gaze with a confident one of her own.

On days like this, Remy liked to take Sausage out. Well, he always took Sausage out, but especially in October when Nikki would dress up the dog in different costumes for everyday of the week. He like to walk around and show off his dog’s outfit, people always smiled and laughed. Sometimes they wanted to take pictures. Remy liked to cheer up people.

As he walked across the street he glanced over at a woman sitting alone. They made eye contact and now Remy felt obligated to smile. Sausage, however, felt the need to say hello to her. Sausage ran over and jumped at her legs. 

"I’m sorry about him. He’s just really excited to see new people." Remy started to pull him away from the woman.

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